We don’t always divulge our origin story, but we’re excited that our brand-new partners at MM.LaFleur decided it was worthwhile. Read it here.

The truth is everyone has a story to share. Our aim is to tell more Changemaker’s stories, connect more women, and foster more opportunities for inspiration and growth.

To this end, we have some exciting updates to share about Changemaker Chats, starting with the launch of new cities, the onboarding of new Changemaker teams, and the launch of our new sponsorship with MM.LaFleur. We were lucky enough to sit down for a chat with MM.LaFleur founder, Sarah LaFleur, who shared her view that one of the best ways to support the purposeful woman is to help her feel confident and powerful at work. We agree. More on Sarah’s chat here.

We are grateful to continue on this journey with you as we evolve and expand with incredible women throughout the world. And we want to keep serving our community. So, if you know of a Changemaker’s story that needs to be shared, an awesome organization to partner with, or a rockstar woman (yourself included) who wants to get involved, let us know!

As always, a heartfelt thanks for your support. Keep on making change.