If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. 

   Maya Angelou

Some things in life are always worth staying the course. No matter how far off the finish line seems. No matter the blood, sweat, and tears–you just. keep. going.

Our fight for equal rights, equal pay, inclusivity, and diversity are values that we will never turn away from.

But there are other things in our lives that do warrant a change of direction. Whether it is our careers or our relationships, how do we pivot to a more optimal path that gets us closer to our goals? That was the subject of our chats this month.

From a serial entrepreneur, to an investor turned digital producer, to a leading professor, to an executive committed to diversity, we sat down with four Changemakers who shared the twists and turns of their lives, and their most pivot-al moments.


Julia Hana | Entrepreneur and Executive Chair of the Board of Kiva
It Will Be Okay

We worry if we’re going fast enough, hard enough, or doing the right things. This keeps us from being present. A meaningful life is not linear. It’s a lot of trial and error. Just getting in and trying draws us closer to what we want to move towards or away from. Read full recap


Sonal Shah | Executive Director & Professor, Georgetown University Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation

Create Your Own Table
Instead of trying to find a place at a table structured by men, make your own table and select who you want seated at it. If we don’t–and we wait for a spot at a man’s table–when a seat does open up, there will be 50 women competing for that single space! Create opportunities for yourself and for others, by setting your own rules– and your own tables.  Read full recap


Sara Weinheimer | Founder and Executive Producer, BroadMic

Timing Matters
Only you can be the judge of whether there’s a good opportunity in your situation. Career advancement takes time and patience. Before making the leap, be intentional about communicating your aspirations with your manager. And while you’re contemplating that career change, you can always invest in developing hard skills. Read full recap


Nilka Thomas | Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Google Inc. 

Ask the Hard Questions
When going outside of your comfort zone, start by asking the hard questions to understand the context of others. By gaining multiple perspectives, that is when you know you are on the right track. Recap coming soon