How to Take an Idea & Make it Real

Changemaker Chats cofounders Briana Ferrigno and Jessica Johnston were asked a simple question: How do you take an idea and make it real? Here’s what they shared in The Lightning Notes:

“Don’t procrastinate. Go back and do something on the idea ASAP…

For Changemaker Chats, we came up with the idea over drinks on a Wednesday, wrote the speaker invite on Thursday, and sent the invite on Friday of that same week. We knew if we didn’t move quickly, we might never have acted on the idea. Two other things:

1) Use spare time wisely. 2) Don’t let perfect be the enemy good. Get it done first, and then iterate.”



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About Changemaker Chats
Held every other month, Changemaker Chats aim to bring together women professionals who are working to advance change in their organizations and communities around the world. The Chats are an opportunity to connect amazing women with other great women in their area, and take time out of our busy schedules to learn from inspiring women, as well as from one another.

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