Each month, we ask our featured Changemakers – top female talent across sectors – for their perspectives on issues relevant to women today.

Last month, we dove into the topic of CHOICE: how our guest changemakers approached choice and what they’ve learned from their decisions.

Here’s what they chose to share…

Meg GMeg Garlinghousearlinghouse
Head of Social Impact at LinkedIn

Choosing to frame your choices

“I like framing things as choices, it implies you’re in control, and that means you can participate in your own rescue.” Read full recap


Sheena IyengarSheena Yengar
Author of The Art of Choosing and Columbia Business School Professor

Choosing big and small

“Big choices are a culmination of smaller ones that come before and after. When approaching a choice, think to yourself, ‘Will this choice improve my status quo?’ If so, choose it.” Read full recap


Wendy TaylorWendy Taylor
Director of the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact, USAID

Choosing not to be afraid of failure

“You can’t be afraid of failure when going for career opportunities. The windier your career path, the more you will learn about yourself and your capabilities.” Read full recap


Sonya HausafusSonya Hausafus
Vice President of Marketing at Techstars

Choosing to trust your gut

“The crux of my biggest decisions are based on following my gut. Lisening to my gut has helped me learn to trust myself.” Read full recap