It’s 2018, and so the next adventure begins.

What will this new year bring for you? For us? For society? We can’t predict the future, but here at Changemaker Chats, we are doubling down on our “why” — why we are set on building a community of Changemakers around the world?

Our belief—which continues to be borne out over these past four years—is that when women come together to support one another and learn from the female Changemakers of our time, we can move the world.

We have seen this in big and small ways. Whether it’s being a friend who listens, a mentor who supports, a boss who teaches, a colleague who amplifies… stories of strength, growth, and positive change amass when we reach out and bring the next woman up.

Whatever your adventure may be this year, we hope that you will join us in making more changes in your community that support women, and help create a world where pay gaps, leadership gaps, gender discrimination, and me too’s become a thing of the distant past. That’s the world we are working for and toward this year.

As for what we’ll be up to … we’ll be focused on bringing the Changemaker experience to as many women as possible. In the months to come, we will be working with you to build more Changemaker communities around the world, and enhancing the ones where we already work. And we will be partnering with more organizations that bolster us up, and push us forward. Lastly and most importantly, we will take our cues from the most important part of Changemakers Chats—YOU—to listen and learn and understand how we can better serve you on your way to changing the world.

With gratitude,

Brie and Jess