Goal Setting: The Key To Moving Forward Every Day

David Alport, Executive Coach
David Alport, Executive Coach

Everyone understands the importance of having goals, but it’s easy to lose sight of goals in the crazy swirl of our daily lives and competing demands. 

In this first Changemaker Workshop, Executive and Personal Coach David Alport explains the critical importance of investing time and energy into goal setting in order to achieve the things we want in work and life. Together you will review the five principles of successful goal setting, and three important ways to make it work for you: Designing SMART goals; Using lists to support goal attainment; Leveraging goal setting to drive effective meetings and conversations. The session will be participatory and fun, and you’ll leave with a confidence that you can meet your most important goals in 2016.

DATE: Tuesday, Feb 23 6PM – 8PM
WHERE: Global Poverty Project, 594 Broadway, Suite 207, NYC
REGISTRATION:  Opening on Feb 1 at 11am
COST: $35

P.S. This is a hands-on, interactive session. Space is limited to 15 participants. Registration opens Feb 1.

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