Each month, we ask our featured Changemakers – top female talent across sectors – for their perspectives on issues relevant to women today. Our last topic: JOURNEY.

We asked Changemakers about the challenges they’ve faced throughout their personal and professional journeys, and what they have learned as they forge ahead.  

Melissa Bradley

Melissa Bradley, Entrepreneur and Director of AU Center for Innovation

Pace yourself
Facing discrimination as a young black entrepreneur seeking investment, Melissa said it’s okay to be upset but remember to take stock in the perspective of your critics – or lack there of. “Trust in your own convictions and focus on your next steps – don’t let others deter you. Think about your bigger purpose and remember that the journey you’re on now will get you to the next place.”
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Nancy Lublin

Nancy Lublin, Founder and CEO, Crisis Text Line

Know what you can fix
When things aren’t going right, Nancy taps into her fix-it personality and reminds herself that only she can create her own path. “The only two things I can really control in life are my own words and my actions. I can’t control anybody else. And that’s on me.” Read full recap

Whitney Mortimer, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEOWhitney Mortimer

Make room for your values
Faced with the decision to stay at a job or cut and run, the answer became easy when Whitney realized that her work was out of step with her values. “I wasn’t using my intuition to make decisions, and I knew that to be successful and fulfilled, I need to work in an environment where there is room for my instincts and emotion.”
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Shannon Thomas, CoFounder, Expedition Backcountry Adventures

Take away intimidation
Shannon is driven by the lessons learned from early challenges, like getting waitlisted to her dream university. “Don’t be intimidated, believe in yourself and realize that there are humans behind company logos. So take away all of the intimidation factors and go for it. What do you have to lose by trying?”
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