Dear Friends,

Nothing is more thrilling than a Changemaker sharing her story—whether she is a CEO addressing a room full of women, or a young professional describing a big risk our community inspired her to take. We are constantly humbled and proud of the women around us, and we never cease to learn from you.

In the last year, we’ve hosted thousands of women across the country to chat with female powerhouses: filmmakers, doctors, founders, marketers, investors, advocates, and academics. Their words, actions, and openness have moved us, and their voices remain in our minds as we go along our own journeys.

To empower each and every woman, we all need to continue talking, growing, questioning, and supporting one another. In the year to come, Changemaker Chats aims to do just that and in more cities.

While looking ahead to continued growth, it is also important to reflect on the value of the relationships we’ve already made. In moments of both challenge and achievement, what makes things brighter is knowing that just a chat, a text, a bar stool away, we can turn to each other.

As cofounders, we started Changemaker Chats as a local support group, but it is our dedicated city leads and women like you who have helped create a global community connected by a desire for change. As both cheerleaders and coaches, we all help each other to be better, to take more risks, and to be open to feedback. We push each other to answer the Changemaker Questions: Am I adding value? How can I help? Where can I advance positive change? 

We are motivated now more than ever to fight for a world we believe in—a world where women have equal advancement, leadership, and earning opportunities as men, where social structures support and respond to women’s needs, and where women’s contributions to the betterment of society are recognized.

The future truly is female. And If we’ve learned anything from 2016, it’s that our work is far from over.

So in this new year, join us as we continue to elevate and amplify women’s voices, strengthen our communities, and push one another forward. Ask yourself, how can I advance positive change? And take solace in knowing that you have an army of Changemakers who stand behind you.

Here we go, 2017. 

-Brie and Jess 
Cofounders of Changemaker Chats