Where does Lauren harness her strength?

In discussing the theme of the month, strength, we learned about Lauren’s key sources throughout her journey:

  • Family: Recognize there are sacrifices and trade-offs when you’re fighting to make Change and lean on your support system as you and your team navigate unprecedented obstacles.
  • Preparedness: To achieve something that has never been done before, start making plans early and strategize for the long-run. Build a team with people smarter than you and empower them to help evolve and execute the plan.
  • Thought Experimentation: Visualize how you will feel about your current work when you’re looking back at it 5 years from now. What are the implications of what you’re doing and how can you anticipate and prepare for what’s to come?

How can we make a change in voting?

We all have a sphere of influence we can use to advance voter rights. Talk about it with your friends and family. Share your voting experience with others and listen to theirs. Use your own platform to have uncomfortable conversations. Advocate for free and fair elections in your community. Hold your organization accountable. Take it a step further and support the work of your local candidates with your wallet and/or your time.

If you’d like to learn more about Fair Fight Action and how you can support the cause, you can visit their website here.