Ashley Spence, Founder of Wanderlust Yoga Studio joined us for our May Austin Changemaker Chat at the beautiful, women-forward co-working space, The Riveter! She shared her story, and how turning adversity into strength lead her to where she is today. 


Take the leap. Ashley knew she wanted to open a Wanderlust yoga studio soon after attending her first Wanderlust Yoga Festival and getting her teaching certification. She showed us there isn’t one prescribed path to success. She listened to her intuition, took the leap, surrounded herself with great people, and worked tirelessly to make her dream of opening the very first Wanderlust studio as a place of healing for all.

Turn your challenges into strengths. Ashley credits yoga with saving her life after surviving a violent sexual assault. She used the pain of the experience to not only open yoga studios, but to become a voice and advocate for women and sexual assault survivors everywhere. Due to her testimony and advocacy, not only was her perpetrator caught, but Texas is about to pass a law requiring DNA be taken upon felony arrests.

Use your voice.  As women, we’re often afraid to speak up, especially about assault. Ashley went years without sharing her story. She demonstrated the power of sharing our stories to heal not only ourselves, but others, by showing us all we’re never alone.

Just breathe! Our lives can be so hectic, especially in a society that glorifies busyness. Ashley taught us slowing down and remaining present can be as simple as noticing our breath.


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