Cara McCarty of Code Pilot joined us for our 8th Austin Changemaker Chat and second of 2019! 

A wonderful group of women gathered in HCB Health’s beautiful downtown office. Cara shared her story, and how unyielding action, confidence, and a lot of personal and professional learning landed her where she is today. Here are some of the highlights:

Fail forward. Cara has never been afraid to keep going or try something new. Her story highlighted the importance of just doing SOMETHING even if it’s instinctual like taking care of a sick parent, difficult like quitting a job, or taking the leap of faith to eventually start her own company. She shared with us that every experience is a learning experience and can be used to get us to the next step.

Use your voice. As women, we found it was really common for something, at some point in a professional environment, to make us uncomfortable. Cara encouraged us to speak up. But she also showed that coming from a place of understanding and compassion often goes much further than a knee-jerk reaction or lecture. And more importantly, never to compromise what you want and who you are to fit a mold.

You don’t have to do it all. If we learned anything from Cara it was that our lives are always changing. What takes priority now, may not be what takes priority a few years from now, and that’s ok. She showed us that it’s perfectly acceptable, normal, and practical to not able to do it all, at the same time. Take moments to be mindful and reflective on what really matters.

Keep in touch with people who inspire you. She recommended to reach out to people we feel a connection to, even if we’ve never met. One of Cara’s co-founders was someone she met through a position at a previous job years back. Her interest and initiative to keep in contact with someone she valued, eventually lead her to co-found a company with him. Even if every person we want to meet for coffee can’t or won’t, she showed us the power a cup of coffee can have.