An authentic and close night with Judy Maggio at The Riveter!

A spectacular group of women, real conversations and diving deep into our own personal journeys! While sitting in the cool comfort of the women-founded coworking space, The Riveter, we spoke with Texas icon Judy Maggio for our August chat. As Judy highlighted a life and career filled with inspiration and magic, appetizing refreshments from HEB and delectable wine from Gratsi were enjoyed by all and truly made The Riveter feel just like home.

Below are a few of my favorite moments from the evening.

Judy encouraged us all to make meaningful connections and find ways to help build each other up. From sharing specific organizations and networking groups she personally used to offering written nominations to special attendees, Judy embodied the spirit of connection building and support.

The city of Austin is clearly a source of inspiration for Judy as she carries an outstanding career serving the community, on and off the air. Judy dived into local hot topics and stressed the importance of solution-driven conversations for some of the hardest issues we are facing, which she backed up with revealing just days before she spent time with the Mayor addressing the homelessness and housing problems of Austin. Not one to leave us in the dark, Judy shared local organizations with the women that are in need of strong supporters, like the women of Changemaker Chats!

“I believe in unbiased news and I had to stand by my convictions, so I retired.” With a real and inspiring revelation, Judy shared how standing in her truth lead her to pursue retirement after a 20+ year career on-air. Resonating in the air was the message that we should all know what we stand for and also be willing to stand firm in those convictions. By walking in her truth, Judy was able to start the journey that lead her to PBS, which combined her love of journalism and philanthropy into one beautiful and fulfilling package.