Kathie had an immense amount of wisdom to share while we gathered in Oracle’s beautiful water-front campus, and here are a few of the incredible highlights:

Get a mentor. 

Kathie began her career sitting in on a weekly lunch-and-learn with her mentor, never missing a week. She encouraged women to find someone they want to emulate, and simply ask for the meeting. She also advised to have a format suggestion ready, and not to expect to show up and sit in someone’s office. Have a plan and questions!

Be a mentor.

“Pay it forward.” That’s what Kathie’s mentor told her to do, and that’s what she’s dedicated much of her time to. She stressed the importance of women building each other up in the workplace generally, and one-on-one. There is enough for everyone.

There is a time to take credit, and a time to share credit.

Kathie had the ambitious goal of becoming controller of her company by the age of thirty. She did it by the time she was twenty-eight! However, she noticed she had lost the loyalty of her team on her way up and had to gradually, through one-on-one lunches and learning to be more team-focused, re-built the trust that seemed forever lost.

Learn to cultivate strength and skills from those you surround yourself with.

Kathie taught us that just because we aren’t feeling particularly brave or strong, it does not mean we can’t learn those skills. She recommended identifying people who are where we want to be and getting close to them to learn from them.