No one knows more about building brands than our April Changemaker, Karyn Martin. Karyn has spent her career building others' brands through an award-winning marketing agency and just recently founded her own business: Golden Thread Agency. Our Chat is still weeks away, but we're already looking forward to picking Karyn's brain about the ultimate business buzzword: "branding" (How many times have you been told "You have to brand yourself" no idea where to start?). We also can't wait to dig into the journey that led Karyn to start her own business. The fears, obstacles and failures that come with entrepreneurship are real, and we'll be talking about them all! Mark your calendar for April 1st and reserve your spot now for what is sure to be an insightful and inspiring off the record evening.


Apr 1, 2020 @ 1582482600

Admission: $5


Six West Restaurant & Bar 6 W Broadway Boston, MA


Self-described pirate with a heart of gold. Strategy, manipulation and vulnerability are positive words in my book. Those who know me best count me as a boss, advisor, supporter and most importantly, a friend. Pearl, Coco, Bernie and Sasha. Yes, I drive results and know the names of my clients' dogs. And yes, both are important. Only 20+ years in the making, I founded Golden Thread Agency built on the idea that we’re all connected, to each other and to something bigger than us. We are people first, and when you discover the connections that matter most then you can move people to feel, to learn and to buy. Previously, I spent a decade helping to build an award-winning, full-service marketing agency where I ultimately became the company’s only female partner. I started my career in PR; it was love from the moment that I packed my first media mailer. Today I build brands and devise 360 campaigns for BtoC and BtoB companies from CPG and luxury goods to travel and technology.


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