I always knew I would be my own boss someday, somehow.”
From a young age, Kelly has always had a passion for dance and performing. She wants to make feel people good. At 19, she dropped out of college to pursue dancing in LA, but she quickly realized that “Hollywood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”. It was there that she hit the rock bottom that pushed her to the success she has today.

Taking the leap
Kelly doesn’t believe there is a right time to take a leap; you just need to do it. Once you have a support system, you’re grounded, and you’re internally strong, that’s when you’re ready. “Ask yourself, if you had nothing would you still be happy? If yes, take the risk.”

Building team
In the early stages of Booty by Brabants, Kelly dedicated all her time to her classes. She reached a point where she was teaching 22 classes a day, and realized she was overworking her body. She slowly brought on staff until she reached her current 10 person team. Kelly shared that for a business to truly grow and evolve, you need to be more than a one woman show. “You need all your players to win the game.”

While she is still incredibly involved in her business, Kelly has learned to take time for herself and her family on the weekends. She’s realized that she does a better job when she’s happy, so finding time for self care is incredibly important. When she’s on personal time Kelly tries not to talk about BBB and makes sure her phone is used during work hours only.

Staying ahead of the competition
Kelly has learned over time the importance of protecting her brand. After dealing with someone copying her class format, she focused on staying ahead of the game. As her dad mentioned, “You can’t patent a squat”, but you can patent your brand name. “You have to ask yourself, what are your peers not doing? You have to be the best at that and be willing to work to get it.”

While Kelly engages with the BBB community through Instagram, she admits the platform is still one of her greatest challenges. By posting, she is opening herself up to criticism of her body and her brand. She gets herself through insecurities and scrutiny by focusing on positive energy and maintaining confidence in herself as a woman.

Kelly knows who she is and loves herself and what she has accomplished. She maintains her individuality by being her authentic self. “Even if my brand went away, I would know Kelly Brabants is a real person… a real, genuine, good person, that’s what I want to be forever.”


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