Collinus Newsome knows strength. As Director of Education for the Denver Foundation, she oversees culturally responsive education and monitors the development of school-to-prison pipeline so her team can effectively reduce suspensions and expulsions. Collinus rose up against gang violence as an adolescent and recalls being social justice oriented and wanting to be a teacher “from the time she could talk”. She draws from the strength of her family. As one of nine children, Collinus credits her mother, having “survived Jim Crow and being black in Mississippi”, as the strongest woman she knows. “I can get in my own way being depressed, visiting places or talking to immigrant refugee families, and feeling hopeless. But you have to go back to history and use your legacy and story to get through.”
A woman’s place is…“Anywhere she wants to be”.
– Collinus Newsome, Director of Education, Denver Foundation
Stronger Together
Our heartfelt chat with Collinus Newsome challenged us to provoke cross cultural conversations. “Strength lies in connecting people, taking our individual experiences and coming together to build relationships. The more connected we are, the better…Give reverence to where you are, acknowledging those spaces, and have more candid conversations. Be comfortable with yourself and maintain your identity.”We Need YOU
We want to hear from you! In hopes of making a larger impact and supporting all women, specifically women of color and marginalized populations within our community, please email us feedback on our Chats. Do you know someone that would be uplifted from a Changemaker Chat and hasn’t been able to attend but wants to join? What might be holding them back and how can we bridge the gap?