By the light of The Full Beaver Moon, at Alchemy Face Bar, we welcomed Corrie Snyder and Rainbow Shultz, founders of Lark Naturals, to lead us in conversation surrounding “intention”. Lark is a revolutionary intimate care company on a mission to make restorative hydration products and empower people to feel good in their bodies. While developing their products, after a focus group of 30-40 year old women revealed that the majority of women were not prepared by their mother before they got their period, Corrie was determined to get the conversation going. “Let’s not do menopause that way. As you get older you’re not as connected to your sexual self. I love the morning routine: you oil your face, body, vagina, and it stimulates you to go confidently out into the world.” Rainbow adds that “intention is what drives the trajectory, but really your intention is coming along with your own trajectory. Maybe you were already set in motion before you realize the need or passion behind it. This started as a fun thing, but as we realize there isn’t a space for women to talk about their vaginas our passion grows stronger.”
“When we started making lube, it wasn’t political… it evolved into this activism. The vagina has been silenced, there isn’t a lot of conversation about what vaginas want and need. Our power is in community, conversation, and openness in all things.”
– Rainbow Shultz, Lark Naturals
A New Era
“Our products are an all-natural, plant based, fancy face serum for the vagina as well as a personal lubricant. We’re really excited to be entering an era where women are owning their vaginas. I told my grandma what I do, and I sensed regret that our products didn’t exist for her when she was younger. It’s a shift in culture to be comfortable talking about this. It’s so important to create a space where women can be around other women and be open to talking about their vaginas because having these conversations empowers women, not just in their personal life, but in their careers. Picture an intimidating board room. A man walks into that room with his penis. It’s time for a woman to walk in with her vagina…” says Corrie.