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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Changemaker Chat with Hana Dansky – Cofounder and Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue. Also, a huge thank you to Impact Hub Boulder for hosting us in their lovely space!

Check out the highlights of the Chat, and stay tuned for info on upcoming Chats:

40% of the food produced in the US gets thrown away. We’re talking about edible, healthy food waste. Grocery stores will set aside “damaged” but still good food (think banana’s with brown spots, apples with bruises, etc.). There was enough food going to waste in Boulder County to feed all people who were in need of food in Boulder and outlying areas. Hana Dansky started addressing the issue by collecting unwanted food from groceries and distributing them to people in need in the downtown park. Over 100 people were fed, and all claimed it was the healthiest meal they had all week. Now, Boulder Food Rescue is redistributing over 1300 pounds of healthy food per day (by bicycle!).

Here’s how Hana Danksy, a beaming North Carolinian turned Coloradan, faced her challenges and turned this in to an organization that is driving change across the country in cities like Denver, Jackson hole, Colorado Springs, Charlotte, Seattle and the Philippines!

Breaking bread to make change… What Hana sees as her most notable achievement is having started something so impactful from passion.  “I didn’t study business; I started this driven from passion. I had to grow and figure it out along the way how to create a sustainable organization. After family hardships as a young child and an early desire to help animals, Hana knew she was meant be be active in her community while helping others. “It all came from community. In life…a community can’t be built by one person. BFR is all about forming a community. Breaking bread with people literally to make change.”

“Mansplaining” and other confidence building barriers…  “Maintaining confidence is my worst enemy. The fear of not being good enough. Sometimes I feel like my voice is not valued or it takes a while for me to be heard. It helps me to talk about it, or laugh about it.  Mansplaining is the worst though; when someone tries to tell you how to run your organization, without asking if you have ever tried their ideas before.  Gaining the confidence to ask for what I need, remaining confident in my ideas and feeling that I’m being heard is hard but necessary.”

Risk mitigation… “Starting out the organization was rough. I was working seasonal jobs and spent more time doing volunteer work and less time doing paid jobs. That was a real risk. Even if I don’t have a lot of financial capitol but I have a lot of social capital. The risk doesn’t seem as scary because there are things I don’t have to worry about – no kids, no mortgage…. There are always risks though. The whole thing is a risk. Looking back it was a great idea!  Now I’m confident that the community knows more about the issue. This is risk mitigation. People in need now know where to go to find healthy food.”

Thanks to Hana Dansky for being an incredible speaker for our Changemaker network, to Impact Hub for hosting us and to you, the Changemaker community for joining us! What a great night. We look forward to seeing you in August. Stay tuned for our next event announcement!

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