sherry manningHow a ripple effect has the greatest impact
The theme of Changemaker Chats this month is IMPACT, and over the course of our Chat with Sherry Manning, we got to know just what impact means to her and how she makes impact in her life.

Young and inspiring yet wise for her years, Sherry Manning opens up about founding an international non-profit organization addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues of our generation, the importance of seed saving for future generations, and the female role models in the Philippines who inspired her along the way.

Here’s what Sherry had to share:

From Ripples to Impact
As we grow, our impact grows. At ENCA Farm, we’ve grown from connecting with just two farmers to over 70 farmers.  When ENCA is having a ripple effect, that is impact.

An Intentional Purpose
Sherry describes one of the most influential woman in her journey: a woman named Lola Carmen, the ENCA Farm namesake. Sherry admires her because she is ‘simple and not flashy but meaningful and intentional in her life purpose’.

Dear 16-year old me
My 16-year old self went to Italy to visit my sister.  I was scared about traveling abroad.  I would tell my young self to be the confident self I have found since that time in my life.  Life takes you through the path you were meant to take, and I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had.  But it would have been great to have the confidence we all have now at that age.

Tough Love
Find out what people’s desire and vision is, and then be mission driven. Ask the tough questions. Help people reach their own goals. ENCA is an asset-based organization with a framework for organizing and providing education, but ultimately, the knowledge comes from the people.

A Women’s Approach
Women make “the ask” through stories – by finding ways to connect others to the organization more personally/emotionally. Delegating will be key to helping the organization will live on beyond my time.

Sherry wrapped up the night by telling us about how she’s working with farmers and seed saving organizations to further the mission and understanding for the importance of organic and sustainable farming.

Thank you for all you are doing to create positive change Sherry and for sharing your story with the Boulder Changemaker Network!