Grit & Grace: Chat Recap

Below are a few of our favorite moments.

Be a Fighter…
Cheryle shared a story about how, early in her career, she sent an all staff email saying she was the new VP of a newly created department. The job and the department did not exist, she did not have approval. Although she had a stern talking to, she ultimately got the job and the department. Be bold, take risks and fight for what you want was a message we received.

But Take Care of Yourself…
Cheryle shared that, like many other women, she battled breast cancer. The day after a major surgery, her husband told her he filed for divorce. This was a tough time in her life, one where she learned that self-care, and grace, can go a long way.

Take the Chance…
Cheryle was one of six people on President Obama’s short list to replace him in the U.S. Senate, after being elected to office. She went on to campaign for the seat, but did not succeed. She learned a lot along the way, that ultimately helped her to take on a senior executive role in international business. It also taught her that things are not always fair – when media coverage focused on the two men in the race over her and that you must always advocate for yourself.

Grit & Grace
Did you know that Cheryle has a TedTalk all about how to take care of yourself and balance your fight with well-being. You can find the TedTalk here, and if you are extra inspired, she will be hosting a conference in March 2019 – sign up for her mailing list here.


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