Talk about a good time! We hope that you had as much fun as we did learning from Pia and her amazing career and experiences. Please see below for some of our favorite highlights:

Have the guts to ask for what you want
While a young 25 year old woman on the Hill, Pia was given the opportunity to brief a senior member of Congress. Knowing the value she would bring, she decided to use this opportunity to leverage the demand for her information to inquire about getting a position/raise. Because of this ask, Pia was able to catapult her career and has not looked back since.

Be Persistent
Pia and her business partner Rachel were turned down from a Bank when they were looking for funds to open the Distillery. Instead of throwing in the towel, these fearless women were persistent and decided to do a crowd-sourcing campaign, which not only raised money but intrigued private investors; ultimately encouraging them to invest in their dream.

“Thank God we enjoy the same things: skiing, food, and whiskey”
Going into business with her best friend, Rachel, was one of the best things Pia could have done for her career. She reminded us the importance of not only pursuing your passions, but also continue to work with people you enjoy spending time with, because then work will feel less like work and more fun.

Thanks to you all for joining us and for the great conversation. As always, feel free to drop us a line at with any thoughts or suggestions.