Our Chat with Sallie Krawcheck, PLUS an exclusive offer for the Changemaker Community

Changemaker Chats sat down with the inimitable Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, last week in NYC. Sallie dropped some major truth bombs, and also some money bombs — $100 to be exact. You read that right.

Sallie and her team are giving $100 to everyone in the Changemaker Chats community to invest with Ellevest, the investment platform designed for women.

Grab your $100 and start investing HERE: www.ellevest.com/changemakerchats.

And now for some truth. Here are a few of our favorite moments with Sallie.

Money is Power
If $100 fell out of your bag every day, how long would it take you to fix your bag? That’s the question Sallie asked us. The fact is, women are not investing nearly enough, which means they are losing money. Every. Single. Day. As Sallie says, “Until women are financially equal with men, we will not be equal with men.” We can make that happen quicker by taking financial control and investing.

Let’s Make a Deal
Research shows that when a man succeeds, his circle of friends is also more successful. Why? Because they throw each other deals, make introductions, recommend each other. Sallie urged us to do the same and get each others’ backs. Do business with each other, recommend each other, sponsor each other. If we don’t do it, who will?

Keep Perspective and Find a Sponsor STAT
Sallie was fired publicly, twice. What kept her going? Perspective. She joked that every day above ground is a good one. That said, she also got real with career advice that works: “Every important decision about your career is made when you’re not in the room.” What can we do? Find ourselves allies who will speak on our behalf, throughout our careers.

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