Strong foundations and a desire to explore

Alicia grew up in Kentucky to a Southern Baptist family, but one that instilled in her a deep respect for people and travel, and a desire to help others. Wanting to explore more of the world, Alicia moved to Los Angeles after college and worked in the entertainment and marketing industry, where she gained invaluable experience (and some good stories!). Alicia fell in love with Chicago during a visit and moved to the city where she started a family and furthered her career.

Creating a space for women

Alicia continued to build a successful career in Chicago in the entertainment and marketing industry, working in senior leadership positions for companies like WME, People Magazine, and Live Nation. Though she found herself being promoted and advancing in her roles, she yearned for something different. Alicia was passionate about creating a supportive space and community for women to network and find support for their projects and businesses. This passion grew into Alicia’s company, evolveHer, a creative coworking space for women, launched in 2018. Now she helps girls and women of all ages to evolve their lives, careers and networks.

“Reducing the Noise”

Alicia’s key piece of advice is to “reduce the noise” in one’s life — to try and focus on what’s most important to one’s sense of self and one’s values. Alicia also spoke about the importance of being vocal in supporting other women, whether it be in a professional or personal setting. Work life balance is more of a pendulum, Alicia reminds us, and it is important to be mindful that the pendulum doesn’t swing too far in any direction.


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