Helping Others Feel Fabulous Exactly as they Are…
Liz told us about how her first job was working at the Gap selling jeans. Her favorite part about this role was helping others to feel fabulous exactly as they are. Liz grew up in an entrepreneurial family, her father and her aunt were aunt were entrepreneurs. This led her to start her own company, ZipFit Denim, which combines her start-up nature with her love of helping people find a perfect fitting pair of jeans. It all started by walking up Michigan Ave going store to store and measuring jeans (never arrested, but kicked out twice).

Find a Sponsor
Liz spoke in length about the women, and men, who have helped her succeed. She shared stories about trying to find funding for her company, the good, the bad and the ugly. What kept her sane, and helped her to find success were her sponsors, or advocates who helped her navigate the funding landscape in Chicago. She also learned to not be angered by the sexism and rejection that can come with a new start-up, but instead to let it drive her to succeed more.

Work, Children and Vulnerability
Liz has a beautiful one year old named Leo, who is her inspiration. She told us about when she was pregnant, how she was afraid and felt she had to hide her pregnancy from new investors. Over time, she has become more real and transparent with her team, and emphasized that it is important that they know she is human and that no one is indestructible