Being the Most Extroverted Person in the Room…
Sarah shared with us her experience of being a consultant at Bain, attending a staff retreat in which all participants took the Myers Briggs personality test. The woman conducting the test called her out and told her she was the most extroverted person she had ever analyzed. Sarah spoke about how being extroverted has helped her make connections during her professional life, but she has also had to take a step back and learn to be an active listener.

On Failure
Sarah shared with us her time in the Peace Corps in Panama. She was tasked with business development in a rural town, but was not given the training or tools to succeed. She tried to bring internet to the town, via large steel tower, everyone gathered to see the results, but the internet did not work. She said if given the opportunity, she would take the risk again, and it is all about learning from and not repeating your mistakes. She reflected, with a few laughs, about selling the steel parts on the side of the road.

Knowing Your Privilege
When Sarah was in elementary school in the northern suburbs of Chicago, there was a school shooting. Following the shooting, McDonald’s came to the school and brought free food for the kids, therapists swarmed in to help the kids cope with their experience and they were asked to draw their feelings. She felt a sense of security, like this would never happen again. She reflects on how this is not the case for most students in Chicago who experience similar horrors, and her work at OneGoal is pushing the needle on helping make education safe and accessible, through training teachers and guiding students on a path to college.

Power Pieces
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