Work in your life’s obsession, so failure isn’t an option.
Danielle works in her life’s obsession of ending climate change by serving good food from close by. Through making progress “one bite at a time,” she pursues her dream, even if that means making tough decisions. From the big things, to the little, like moving climate change forward through “slinging a kale salad,” she reminded us that when your work is your passion, there is no giving up.

You’re crazy if you pursue this path…
Coming from a long line of grocers did not prohibit her family, especially the ones that owned grocery stores, cautioning her about the challenges of working in the food industry.  However, Danielle knew that if she wanted to make a real impact as it relates to incremental climate change, she would have to leave a stable job and take the risk of opening up her own grocery store.  Her resiliency and passion is what led her to take the risk, and in the end, her family has been there through the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.

Your definition of impact may change, and that’s OK
Danielle shared that every decision she makes for her business is made with the environment in mind, and that Glen’s exists to make progress “one bite at a time.” Glen’s no food-waste mandate serves as a good example of how small actions can have big impacts.

Always dust yourself off…
Danielle learned a hard lesson when she had to close down her Shaw location due to the lack of success; however, she seized victory from the jaws of defeat, turned her full focus to her flagship store and created a blended family of all star employees. Her vigor reminded us that even though you may fall, you HAVE to dust yourself off and get back up.