Aim bigger, Ask for more
Whether it’s asking for more money or a bigger role, take the leap and ask. Kimberly has found that most women will tell their friends to go after what they deserve but won’t take the advice themselves. To her, it’s all about attitude and she says that you have to believe in your self worth and abilities and know how to communicate that.

Don’t have a business plan? — No problem!
Kimberly mentioned that so many entrepreneurs she works with use not having the “perfect” business plan as a crutch that prevents them from moving forward with their ideas.  And to make things worse, once their business plan is complete, it ends up sitting on a shelf. Instead of spending cycles creating the perfect plan, Kimberley instead urged us to answer a few questions prior to commencing our businesses:

1. What am I selling?
2. Who wants to buy it?
3. What are they willing to pay for it?
4.  What are the trends happening right now in that industry?
5.  How is my solution different/better than what already exists?

Once you have the answers to those, be empowered to move forward!

Balance looks differently for everyone
When discussing work life balance, Kimberly’s motto is “I’m going to do what works for me and my family until it doesn’t work anymore and then I’ll figure something else out.” As her and her husband have both navigated being entrepreneurs and parents, they have found balance by taking turns and keeping communication open.  She wants women to remember that your definition of having it all may look very different from someone else’s, and that you can achieve whatever that looks like for you, just not all at the same time.

You get to define what growth is
With every women entrepreneur that Kimberly has worked with through Her Corner, she encourages them to define what their goals are for their business. She encourages women to define for themselves what the next step is going to be but to not get stuck in the weeds and lose momentum. Kimberly also mentioned that a key part of growth is failure: “you learn the most from your failure, they’re huge opportunities.”