What an amazing chat! We appreciated Laura’s thoughtful words of wisdom at our Changemaker Chat earlier this month. We truly left feeling inspired and if you weren’t able to join, we wanted to share a few highlights.

Be Bold
Laura grew up in a social justice household and was encouraged to have an opinion. As the youngest legislative aid on the hill in the 1970s, she was fearless. Despite that, she has had self-doubt and fear of failure throughout her career. Laura worries women today do not feel empowered and she is committed to affirm other women and create safe spaces to support one another.

Be Compassionate 
Laura would tell her younger self to not be so hard on herself. She said we need to listen to the messages we tell ourselves and practice self-compassion.

Mentor Others 
Laura said mentoring involves being kind, accepting, affirming and listening. She said, “no one has the game of life figured out.”