Learn from failure, because failing isn’t a bad thing
As a serial entrepreneur, Nicole has learned to grow when a business venture doesn’t work out. From organizing a baby sitting company as a child to sourcing hair rollers from Italy, Nicole’s bold actions have taught her that even if you fail, there will be a learning experience. We were reminded that you miss out on enjoying life if you are so focused on a plan or something working out a certain way, versus trying new things and going with the flow.

Embrace what you don’t know
Instead of fighting imposter syndrome, we learned from Nicole that there is power in embracing it! Everyone at some point is “new” to something, so instead of pretending to know it all, know when it’s appropriate to ask for help. When discussing imposter syndrome, Nicole has learned that if she doesn’t know something — she is not afraid to ask and seek mentors.

The best way to advocate is…
Drum roll please….Personalize the issues! People react way better to things that hit close to home rather than abstract ideas. Make something a shared or joint experience vs. an individual one, and you may be surprised with your chances for success.

Always pay it forward
On the topic of mentorship, Nicole suggests that we all pay it forward! While it’s great to get help from more senior people, make sure that you are taking the time to help folks who may be more junior to you. A good rule of thumb that Nicole goes by is that for every coffee she asks for, she will take two.