Finding community

Sampriti said to find ourselves collectively, we often find dissimilarities, but we should look for our similarities instead. Sampriti grew up in India, lived in the Philippines, but was born in the US. Because of this, she feels she can go anywhere and “fit in.” As an example of community building, Sampriti is part of a small group of women CEOs who meet up every 3 months, which provides her with a network of friends and colleagues that will be honest with each other.

How to have marketable skills across sectors

Sampriti suggested to volunteer, sign up for training or certificates and dig deeper into your skills. Sampriti said the average person will have a 50 year career and some people forget that they can take a year off to study, work part time to raise a family, and pursue other priorities.

Advice to younger self

If Sampriti could advise her 20 year old self, she would tell herself to not take work too seriously and to place value on other aspects of life as well. Throughout her career, Sampriti learned to not “put the lens on others” and rather focus on what she wants, including a commitment to more of her passions.


Sampriti takes time twice a year to do a self review. She writes a narrative statement on her skills and experience and focuses in her reflections on opportunities for growth and development.

Challenging gender norms

Sampriti is teaching her sons to challenge gender norms and often cites roles moms vs. dads play as “parents can do this.”

Favorite Podcasts: 
“Humanity” and “StoryCorps”