What an amazing chat!  Shrupti’s thoughtful words of wisdom at our Changemaker Chat last week are sure to be remembered as we go about being the best Changemakers we can be. We truly left feeling inspired and if you weren’t able to join, we hope you can gain inspiration from a few of our favorite highlights below:

Continue to ask questions  
Shrupti highlighted the importance of continuing to ask questions in her own career path. Her approach has been data driven – focusing on outcomes both as a civil servant in the UK and as a Managing Director at Deloitte. Shrupti believes that being outcome-focused in a deliberate way allows organizations to better target efforts and improve society, as well as to practice compassion.

Use your powers for good
Shrupti recognized the responsibility that the public and private sector have in moving the needle on issues that matter, and especially for underrepresented communities. Folks who work in this space can use these powers for good or evil, and Shrupti encouraged us to use our skills for good, especially for vulnerable communities.

Take your vacation days!
Shrupti is a proponent of work-life balance, and practices this in many ways: from swapping phones with her husband at dinner to stay present, to making a point of taking personal time. She is a big proponent of taking the time to unplug so you can be ever more effective when you are in the office.