At Changemaker Chats, our goal is to inspire women with the stories, experiences, and lessons of female leaders around the globe. By sitting down with a Changemaker, we get to explore her career, her decisions, and her advice for women in the virtual room.

On Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, we have the treat of sitting down with a woman who has dedicated much of her career to shining a light on issues that all too often are shrouded in dark.

Soraya Chemaly is a writer, advocate, and organizational leader. As the executive director of The Representation Project, she and her team use film and media as catalysts to challenge limiting gender stereotypes and shift norms. Soraya is also an award-winning writer, and author of Rage Becomes Her, an important expose on women’s anger, how has been stigmatized and repressed, and all the many reasons women and girls’ anger is both justified and critical to creating change in the world.

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