Our commencement chat was in true Changemaker Chat fashion at the headquarters of the Ultimate Fighting Club with a woman who understands what it takes to roll with the tough guys. We were excited to spend time with Brette Sadler, Vice President of Partnership Activations. Brette spent her early career in sunny Florida working with the NHL’s Florida Panthers. She has always prided herself in taking on new challenges which led her to an opportunity in Atlanta, at the agency, Octagon, where she worked with a global team managing multiple accounts. She turned her sights to a new challenge in 2005 when her and her family moved to Las Vegas to work with the UFC. We are so thankful for Brette for her candid responses and sharing her journey with us. Here’s what we learned:

Notice The Small Things. Brette was fortunate enough to have a mentor at a young age who taught her lessons that are as still as valuable today as it was then.The most important lesson for her was the value of exceptional customer service, no matter the industry. Brette stressed the simple ways you can show  customers that you care by knowing their name, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. It is essential to continue the relationships–the smallest gestures mean the most to people because it shows that you genuinely care about them as an individual.

Always Expand Your Network.  If you want to reach the upper eschlons of any organization, you’re going to need to get outside your comfort zone. Brette puts herself out there in every aspect of her life from work and community events, to her daughters volleyball matches. There are many great events happening in Las Vegas and it’s up to you to come out of your comfort zone and network. Brette is a firm believer that women should be fearless when meeting new people and to just lean in.

Own It. There are times as a woman you might get frustrated because you aren’t getting the respect you deserve. Brette said that instead of getting upset put your focus on owning who you are. Embrace what makes you unique and make it your greatest quality. “Continue to be confident because it will exude from within and the people who didn’t give you the respect you deserved at first will be the same ones that recognize the value add you bring.”

Control the Controllables. To all those with Type A personalities, it is vital to understand you can’t control everything. Brette shared that if you aren’t able to impact the outcome then there is no sense in wasting your time trying to change it. Use that time to focus on what you can influence.

Thank you, Brette, and thank you to all the women in Las Vegas who supported us at our very first Changemaker Chat.