For our May Changemaker Chat, we had the honor of hosting Kyle B. Rahn the CEO & President of the United Way of Southern Nevada at their offices.

While Kyle had an incredible amount of wisdom to share, here are a few of the highlights:

Above all else, LISTEN!

Kyle started young learning about the corporate world by helping her father run their family-owned business. As a result, her father became the greatest mentor of her life. Kyle has had the opportunity to be in rooms full of executives and on vessels in Africa meeting patients who were receiving life-changing surgery. And her secret to success is simple: ask questions first and then LISTEN! Often times, in both personal and professional settings, people really want to be heard.  Listening goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships with people.

People can hear your smile. 

It’s true, you can hear Kyle’s smile even through a phone call.  Kyle expressed how there will be tough days and the best way to handle them is with strength, laughter and a smile.  Being that a smile is the first thing that Kyle notices about someone, it is so important that we start our day with one our faces.  When you are having a rough time, make sure you find people who can make you laugh.  Kyle is grateful for her two sons that fill her life with love and lots of laughs. 

Strength Comes from within.

This month’s theme, strength, is a well-used tool Kyle is equipped with in, both, her personal life and her career. She recalls times in her life where she would motivate herself to dig deep.  Whether it was when she went back to work days after giving birth or breaking milestones for NBSE, she kept the mindset that there was no other option.  It just had to get done so she was going to be the one to make it happen.  While working for Mercy ships, she would often travel to Africa.  During her visit, the team there shared two very important things:  First, if you go to Africa it will take your heart and won’t give it back.  Secondly, the women carry Africa on their backs.  The reason for this is because you will see women carrying their children everywhere.  They take care of and raise the future.