As a powerful woman with a history of making change on grand scales, it was only fitting that we spoke with Katherine Grainger, Co-Founder, Supermajority & Partner, Civitas Public Affairs Group, about this month’s theme: Strength.

Vulnerability Makes You Stronger
Katherine learned to develop strength from her vulnerability. Though identifying as the hard-charging, sleep-when-I’m-dead type, her perspective took a major turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of hiding it, Katherine took control by reaching out to others and asking for what she needed.

She has 3 key pieces of advice on how to find strength in vulnerability:
1) Find your people and lean on them
2) Locate your north star and follow it
3) Embrace moments of joy

Strength in Numbers
Katherine spoke in-depth about finding strength together as women – the inspiration behind her latest venture, Supermajority. Supermajority is a multiracial, intergenerational political advocacy organization for all women. She and her co-founders are building an agenda based on the values of their constituency (women!) and leveraging connections with advocacy groups to scale their message. Together, she explained, we can become a dominating political force. Help usher in an era of change by joining Supermajority.

Convert Negative Energy Into Positive Energy
In this political climate, it is easy to feel angry and frustrated. Instead of letting these emotions overcome you, Katherine recommends using that energy as motivation to make change. One of the best ways you can do this? VOTE! If you’re unhappy with the election results, get educated and vote in the next election. Supermajority aims to mobilize women who previously haven’t voted and make their voices heard.

Rapid Fire with Katherine:
Short term goal: Write more and tweet more
Long term goal: Run for political office
Power piece: Her shoes (all of them)
Favorite NYC spots: Baltahazar, Joyce, and MET
Reading right nowThe Source of Self-Regard by Toni Morrison

Katherine’s Recommended Resources:
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