“Find Your People, Create Community and Break Labels”
A Changemaker Chat with Radha Agrawal, CEO of Daybreaker

Community is a container in which you feel belonging-and belonging is a feeling
We go through seven to eight inflection points in our lives; and as we get older, the harder we think it is to find community. Radha notes that a few years ago she was in a period of transition, thinking to herself “I don’t know where my people are.” At that point she realized that she wanted to build community at scale – and Daybreaker was born. In her new book “Belong”, Radha open sources all the lessons she’s learnt on building meaningful community.

Advice for someone in transition looking for community 

  1. Break the labels. For example, we are not just introverted or extraverted – that puts us into a straightjacket
  2. Embark on a journey of self-exploration. Belonging starts with you – who we are, what we value. Consider the energy that you surround yourself with – who are the five members of your circle? How am I showing up? What type of friends do I deserve? A journey of self-exploration will help you avoid sleepwalking through your mid-20s.
  3. Harvard Study found that friends & relationships are what keep us healthy. Belonging layers down to everything issue in society. It is bipartisan.

“Necessity is the mother of invention- as an entrepreneur, find a way to turn your product or service into an opportunity to break down a social issue and build community”

Radha’s path to entrepreneurship was not linear, and she has always colored outside the lines. Her advice to starting a new business is ask yourself 1) What sucks in my world? and 2) Does it suck for other people? Her businesses have been guided by these considerations. Radha co-founded THINX with her sister a few year’s back, a company that designs “free bleeding” underwear. What they really sought to do was build community by breaking the taboo surrounding periods – and create a solution for women by women. With her newest venture at Daybreaker, the experience is built on breaking down the need for social belonging to be deeply attached to alcohol and drugs. Rather, the alcohol is replaced with green juice and our creative neural pathways awakened through performance and dance.
Entrepreneurship has its with ups and downs: when you are breaking taboos and doing things differently – expect to ruffle feathers

“Compassion is what gets me out of bed every morning”
Radha shared her tangible tips for compassion. Remember that the way someone behaves with you is not the full picture. To understand what’s in our “backpacks” and those of our friends, our colleagues, etc…ask yourself these three questions: “Where am I in life?” (Break-up?, New Job?), “Where am I right now” (How do you feel in your body?), “Where am I with you?” (Are you on your best behavior? Worst behavior?). This framework will help you think about how you want to show up for others today. Radha analogies this to walking through “doorway” as a way to reset, refocus and refresh.

Find yourself a “FYF” – a Fuck-Yeah friend
Radha attributes her success to the great role models she has in her family, her twin sister, and her tribe. Growing up, the mentality was always “When I grow up, I can draw outside the lines” Success, she says, comes from being intentional about what your dreams are, surrounding yourself with the right people, and then continuing to show up.
Radha’s FYF is her twin sister – someone who meets every one of your ideas with unwavering passion, energy and support. Someone who will try and fail with you – but you must try.

WhatsApp groups can be an incredible form of community
Radha reflects on a time at the beginning of her pregnancy where she felt lonely and needed support. It was in this time of need that she created a “Modern Mammas” WhatsApp group with several other moms to have helped her adjust to a new work-life balance. They provide a deluge of emotional support. When done with intention, the digital world can really be a place to build meaningful community.

Power Piece
Radha is all about her hats! I mean who can blame her, she rocks them with style and poise both in her personal life and in the board room. We tip our hats to her and all of the amazing work that she continues to do!

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