Say Yes; Try harder than everyone; Talk about your health! – these were some of the gems that Dr.  Fahimeh Sasan, Founding Physician of Kindbody, imparted on us during our NYC Changemaker Chat last Wednesday. In the beautifully designed Kindbody clinic, we chatted about Dr. Sasan’s work to make women’s health accessible for women, and what her journey has been like – from the days of delivering babies to her current charge to get women knowledgable about their bodies and proactive about their health.

Never Underestimate Yourself or Your Chances
When deciding on where to apply for her medical rotation, Dr. Sasan, a Texas native, knew that the odds were against her for a spot in the coveted NYC Mount Sinai program. Out of 700 residents, only seven would be selected. On a whim, she applied anyway. Fast forward 12 years later – not only is she still crushing it in New York City, but she is also leading a revolution in women’s healthcare.

Say Yes
We often hear about the power of setting boundaries with a firm “no”… but Dr. Sasan flipped this advice on its head. When one of her peers continued to ask her to join a women’s fertility startup, Dr. Sasan declined…three times. But after discovering the power for an impact in this space, and gaining deep confidence and respect for Kindbody’s founder, Gina Bartasi, Dr. Sasan knew she had to say yes. Ever the optimist, Dr. Sasan brings this lens to her work every day.

Keep Learning
Transitioning from full-time OBGYN to the founding physician at a healthcare start-up was no small feat. But it’s allowed Dr. Sasan to thrive. At Kindbody, Dr. Sasan has helped steer the business development, which has led her to learn more in the last year than the totality of her previous career. It’s this drive to learn more and make Kindboy a success that has powered her through the challenges of creating change.

Be Proactive
Dr. Sasan explained that women’s health is terribly stigmatized because people don’t talk about it enough. Her mission is to help women – and men – talk about women’s health so that it’s normal, easy to do, and well understood. Dr. Sasan noted that it goes beyond talking about reproduction. Mental health, wellness, and stress all impact your health, so it is important to prioritize taking care of your whole body.

Rapid Fire with Dr. Sasan:
Reading right now: Working her way through a series with Irwin Shaw books
Favorite NYC spot: Meatpacking District and Bagatelle brunch
#1 piece of health advice: Be proactive about your health!What Changemakers can help you with:

  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Be a yes person
  • Work hard – harder than you think you need to
  • Do everything you do 200%