Anjali Kumar, Co-Founder of The Justice Dept, has a unique approach to challenges, which is this month’s chat theme. As an “idea acupuncturist”, she finds the pressure points on an idea or business and uses different interventions to keep the energy flowing. We sat down with Anjali to hear her advice on how to overcome roadblocks:

It’s Okay to Not Do Everything
Anjali believes that “work life balance” is something that was falsely sold to us by the patriarchy. She wants what is best for her daughter and sometimes, she can’t do it all alone. “It’s forgiving myself and creating a community around her [daughter] of people who love her and make sure they surround her,” Anjali elaborates, “It takes a village- I can’t do it all, at least not do it well.”

You Can Recover From a Mistake
Anjali shared the one piece of advice she wished she knew in her late 20’s/early 30’s: “The decisions that seem like a big deal aren’t and you can recover from what feels like a massive mistake.” We put this immense pressure on ourselves to make the right decision, but even if we don’t, things are recoverable, there is plenty of time for course correction.

Embracing the “Seinfeld Rule”
What is the “Seinfeld Rule?” Anjali explains, “You leave when you’re on top. You have a better vantage point when leave from a place of strength. You can make poor decisions when you are desperate to leave.” She dubs this the “Seinfeld Rule” because though the show could have produced a few more seasons, they chose to leave on a high note. Anjali has managed her career transitions through this golden rule. Anjali has managed her career transitions through this golden rule.

Rapid Fire with Anjali:
Favorite way to unwind: Taking a walk around the city
Favorite NYC spot: My home in Tribeca
Favorite Female founded companyshift7, which is founded by Megan Smith, former VP at Google and CTO under the Obama administration
Who would you take to coffee: Oprah, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama
Reading right now“She Said” by Jodi Cantor and Megan Twohey
Listening right now“The Daily”, a New York Times Podcast