‘Work hard, play harder’ seems to be the motto of many changemakers. Here to remind us to have both hustle and humor is NYC-native Jackie Fabulous! Last Tuesday night, Jackie shared how she entered comedy, climbed the ranks to America’s Got Talent, and everything in between. Here’s what we learned and loved from the chat.

“You can’t control what pulls you.”
Jackie’s family wasn’t exactly pushing her into a comedic career. As immigrants from Jamaica, they expected her to get a normal paying job, find a husband, and have some dogs (“…mayyyybbbeee a fish”). So when Jackie finally made the move to California, they didn’t quite believe her until she had her life in moving boxes. A long way from home, she questioned whether she had made the right choice. In the end, she cracked into the elite group of comics and launched her career.

Be you. And don’t be sorry. 
Critics and fans praise Jackie for her relatability. Jackie credits her magnetism to her ability to pave her own path and uncover her true calling. Having left New York to pursue her dreams in Los Angeles, her family faced a series of hardships that pulled her to come home. Yet, she knew in her heart that California was where she needed to start. She encouraged the audience to remember that you can care from afar, but you need to take care of yourself first in order to have compassion for others. It’s through this ambition and confidence that Jackie broke into America’s Got Talent, which helped launched her international tour.

Read the Room.
Jackie noted that some comedians cater to a select type of audience, but that she curates her jokes for everyone. She emphasized that she came into the business to speak to a room similar to the Changemaker audience – people of all colors. That said, to do this successfully, you need to have the unique skill of reading the “personality” of the audience. Whether she’s opening or headlining, she’s always calculating and recalculating the vibes in the room.

Rapid Fire with Jackie:
•Book she’s reading: Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
•Short term goal: Finish her book
•Favorite NYC Spot: Comedy Cellar (See her there Dec 24th, 25th, 26th!!!)
•Show she’s watching: Dead to Me