With 20-plus years guiding some of the world’s upper echelon of leaders (think Oprah Winfrey and the White House) organizational guru, Julie Morgenstern chatted with Changemakers on starting a business dedicated to untethering leaders from the myths of multitasking, being always on, and other ineffective strategies that can lead you straight to burn out land.

Want to make your work life work? Check out these must-dos:

Repeat after me: I will not check email in the morning. Forget about rolling over to your phone first thing in the morning. Trade in that time for YOU time — whether that means enjoying over a cup of coffee, or a morning run. You’ll be more effective and better prepared to take on the challenges that you face at the office if you learn to give yourself some space. Take it from Julie, she’s written a best selling book on this.

Mono-tasking is the new black. Schedule time to check email, rather than being a slave to it. Your quality of work will be higher when you are fully focused on the task at hand, rather than interrupting workflow with each ping to your inbox.

Schedule your leisure time and treat it like any other work task. You need to unplug and rejuvenate on a regular basis, or risk getting burnt out.

Speaking of not checking email… try not to use any technology at least one hour before hitting the sack. (And that includes mindlessly scrolling on Instagram..) Studies show that this negatively impacts restful sleeping.

Want more life hacks? Check out Julie’s books here.