We’ve all been there: sitting with a pint of ice cream contemplating our life path. For jewelry designer, Lisa Linhardt, she had a particular revelation during a Chunk Monkey-induced soul-searching session. Having received an invite to trek across Tanzania, she said one word that changed everything:  Yes.

Pushing herself outside of her comfort zone gave their ammunition to start her own jewelry company, a dream of hers since the start of her professional career. Though her fear of lacking the know-how, or not being others expectations of her held her back.

So what’s it like to gather up the courage to go it on your own? Well here’s some sage suggestions from Lisa of what worked for her.

  • Rejection and the dreaded “No;” “I can’t” and other self-sabotaging words. Starting up any business takes thick skin. Lisa advised that you get comfortable with rejection, and to use it to improve your next pitch. Don’t get down on being told, No.  It’s not no, according to Lisa. It’s next. Each time someone or something doesn’t work out – it’s next, next, next.
  • Not so hot with accounting? No big deal! Figuring out the skills that I lack but need for a business. It’s no surprise here that starting a business means getting into some areas that you’re not comfortable with it. In that case, do what smart entrepreneurs do: outsource. Find yourself a good lawyer and a good accountant off the bat.

See, good things can come when buried in a pint of Chunky Monkey!