Thank you to everyone who joined us for our NYC Changemaker Chat with Pauline Brown! There were so many wonderful tidbits, advice, and thoughts that Pauline shared with us. It’s hard to do it justice in a recap. So we picked our favorite quotes and thoughts from Pauline.

On planning for the future: “Life is too complicated to apply a corporate blue print.”

On decision making: “I’ve forgiven myself for every bad decision except for the ones I made more than twice. Good decisions just feel better”

Balancing out the four quadrants of life: Career, Family, Community, Self, (and bonus quadrant – Friendship!)

Speaking of friendship: “Friends are like plants” — you have to invest in them over time.

Falsehoods of working moms: “Women think you either have to go forward or get out and that is the fallacy.” You can slow down and you can have a family without losing your professional identity.

And words to live by: Remind yourself of what you want, don’t expect it to be easy, and be patient.

Thank you again to Pauline for being remarkably open and honest about her approach to being a female professional, and her advice to budding Change-makers.