Deepa Gautam-Nigge

SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network Manager, SAP SE

mch mch Nov 6, 2019

Dr. Fahimeh Sasan

Founding Physician, Kindbody

nyc nyc Oct 23, 2019

Kathy Terry

Co-founder of P.Terry's and Founder of inLieu

tx tx Oct 17, 2019

Katie Biber

General Counsel at Anchorage

sf sf Oct 2, 2019

Amanda Lannert

CEO of Jellyvision

chi chi Oct 1, 2019

Sarah Murray

Executive Director of Women's Wilderness

bo bo Sep 25, 2019

Anjali Kumar

Co-Founder of The Justice Dept

nyc nyc Sep 24, 2019

Karen Okonkwo

Co-Founder of TONL

sea sea Sep 17, 2019

Nicole Tisdale

Founder and Principal of Advocacy Blueprints

dc dc Sep 17, 2019

Dr. Joan Reede

Dean for Diversity & Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School

ma ma Sep 11, 2019

Kristen Sieffert

President of Finance of America Reverse

sd sd Sep 10, 2019

Elif Oker

Founder & Principal, InSun Solutions

chi chi Aug 21, 2019