Join us as we sit down with Alexandra Dimiziani, Co-Founder & Global Managing Partner at TwentyFirstCenturyBrand.

The month of May marks the theme of STRENGTH. The spring can be a time associated with softness, flowers and lightness. But it’s also a season the demands strength, and this Chat is an opportunity to learn from Alexandra about how she finds and cultivates strength in her personal and professional life.

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May 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

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A die-hard believer that explosive innovation results from applying lessons and approaches typical of one area to a vastly different one, Alexandra chose to pursue an unconventional professional path from the outset.

Consequently, she has enjoyed a ‘lattice’ career full of both awe-inspiring and awkward moments.  Her experience runs a gamut, from developing advertising campaigns for iconic brands like Ralph Lauren, National Geographic, and The Economist out of New York, to leading a non-profit organization in Rwanda committed to improving the health of the most vulnerable populations. Other sideways moves include a year of solo backpacking around the world, authoring a book, and a Masters degree in investigative journalism.

But her fascination with human behavior and her drive to do business that does good consistently lures her back into brand building and marketing, particularly when the opportunity is ripe.  It was, in 2006, when she joined The Coca-Cola Company as Global Creative Director on the health and wellness portfolio and corporate social responsibility efforts. It was again, in 2014, when she joined a small, relatively unknown platform called Airbnb, first as Marketing Director, EMEA, then as Global Marketing Director. During this period, Alex and the team thrust the brand onto the world stage, along the way winning numerable effectiveness and creative accolades, such as Lions and Webbys and Effies (oh my!).

After a nearly four-year long masterclass in purpose-driven business, in mid-2018, Alexandra co-founded TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, a consultancy that partners with Founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative companies to build the most influential brands of our time and drive transformational growth in commerce and cultural impact.

Alexandra has written articles and delivered interviews appearing in Marketing Week, Campaign, Contagious and The Drum on the value of lateral experience and purpose-driven brands, was named a Brand Innovator Woman to Watch in 2017, and one of 25 EMEA Innovators in 2016.


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