1. Start with your why.
In order to have the life and career you want, ask yourselves these questions. Why are we doing what we do? Why do we exist? What propels us forward? What life do we want to have? Who do we want to be? If there is one single piece of advice she can offer, it is starting with this question – why. We often don’t apply that to ourselves, and we should, because it’s worth it to answer these questions, so we can determine the career that will help us nurture those desires. Alex’s why is to always know enough to know that she knows nothing. This is what drives her in life (and the reason for her long and windy career trajectory).

2. Be a truth seeker and a truth teller.
After her experiences abroad in investigative journalism, Alex realized we are told and we are taught in accordance with someone’s agenda. We take what others say as the truth. However, that is not always the case, and as individuals we need to find our own truth.

3. We overestimate the consequences of risk and underestimate the reward that comes from it.

Seek out and find the growing pains. While these moments can be difficult, they are incredible growth opportunities, even though they can be painful. Sometimes, we have to take risks and hope the universe will catch us as we fall. Some of the biggest risks Alex has taken in life have led to the best opportunities she has ever had.

Translate your experiences so others see them as valid. People want to be around brave and confident people who will take risks to be good in certain areas. Be bold and confident. Express yourself boldly and confidently — there is a magnetic pull to that. Having twists and turns in your career makes you memorable which also gives you a competitive advantage.

4. Find strength in strength.
Alex is in awe of this world, its greatness, its magnificence, and our relative insignificance in all of it. She looks to those who demonstrate strength every single day, to see the strength and resilience of human beings, especially the women who have come before us and the rights that we now have as a consequence. Take, for example, her grandmother from Texas who started the first school district and became the first elected female superintendent – all of which was done while riding a horse sidesaddle.

And finally, love yourself.
You can’t hold it together if you don’t love yourself enough.