On March 26th, Changemaker Chats talked to the invincible Fabi Saad, in São Paulo, last week. Fabi is the author of books on female entrepreneurship, a specialist in Multi-platform Digital Content, Mobile Data and Big Data, a columnist in Estadão and a leader in several initiatives with a positive social impact. What an incredible conversation!
Here are some highlights of our meeting:
Networking is a must
Nothing falls from the sky! Fabi always went after what she wanted, often being considered insistent. But after all, we do not have it! “Advice for women: go after what you want and do not be ashamed to ASK for help.” Do not listen to people, listen to your intuition, make your decisions and fight for it!
Entrepreneurship in Brazil is a challenge!
They say that a good entrepreneur goes bankrupt 3 times. Tip: Avoid fixed costs, add services, and take on your failures. It is better to have a horrible end than a horrible and never-ending one. “Women are often afraid of being entrepreneurial because of the lack of encouragement and references in society.
Women need to impose themselves, professionalize and use data and references to be heard
We need to be seen (we only believe what we see), to have more women role models as a reference, showing others that they can get there too.
Read: Positive Women (Mulheres Positivas). Fabi Saad’s book brings together stories from 21 women who have made their work an instrument of positive social impact.
Watch: Period. End of Sentence. Netflix documentary, Oscar winner 2019, about women in India struggling to gain access to hygiene products, and especially to education and work.
Thank you, Fabi, for sharing stories about your impressive and inspiring journey and also to Samsung for opening the doors to Changemaker and sharing the “Women at Samsung” project with us.