“Just Go! They’ll Stop!” – Aimee Johnson’s dad
When it comes to taking risks, Aimee learned from her dad when she was learning to drive the busy roundabout streets in Washington DC, that to get where you need to go you just need to “Just go! They’ll stop!”  This advice has resonated with her through her career – after all, what’s the worst that could happen? Aimee has sought career opportunities in cultures that were a good fit for her personality, passion, and work style and has said “yes” to a lot along the way.

Women Who Support Each Other
Aimee believes strongly in the importance of finding and becoming allies of women in the workplace.  Allies can help support us when we are having a challenging time having our voices heard, and support one another. Aimee recognizes that she’s had allies along the way who have taken a chance on her and given her good constructive advice that truly changed her path. Good allies can, when needed, also take the air out of the room and the power away from a “challenging colleague”.

Finding Fun at Work
At work, Aimee advises for all of us to find fun people and let them be fun!  Because we spend so much time at work it’s only going to be fun if you do something that makes you happy or builds your skills. As a leader, she strives to set an environment where people can come in and do their best work.

Realize Your Power
The global theme of Changemaker Chats for January is “Power”, and Aimee reminded us that we’re all uniquely different and powerful in our own ways, and should use that superpower for good. She provided examples of losing power in the workplace, and felt that she’d allowed it to be taken from her. She encouraged the group not to undermine themselves, realize their power, and find fellow Changemakers to help lift you up when you’ve lost your power.
And when it comes to her wardrobe, she finds power in happy and bright clothes that reflect who she is!

During the question and answer session, Aimee provided advice on a few topics:

  • When trying to bring stakeholders on-board to a new innovation, think from their perspective. What motivates them? Imagine taking your idea, assessing where stakeholders are in terms of their willingness to get on board, and bridge this gap by providing examples and research that each stakeholder values.
  • Go into challenging meetings with a clear view of your ask and goals, and make sure to prepare yourself so that you don’t allow your power to be taken away.
  • What about salary negotiations? Ask what you’re worth!  Then ask a friend or co-worker and you’ll realize that you’ve probably underestimated your value. Research the average salary for your jobs in the industry – are you average at your job? Above average? Ask for what you’re worth based on this marker. Do not accept benefits packages that do not benefit you – negotiate to ensure all elements of the hiring package serve you, and are what you deserve.
  • For book recommendations, Aimee suggested Talking 9 to 5 by Deborah Tannen, which helped her realize some of the differences between how men and women approach decision making and communications.
  • How does she balance everything!? Prioritize what you need to do versus what you’d like to do, and create boundaries in your life – not allowing them to be taken away from you.

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