Participate in Your Own Rescue

meg recapThank you to everyone who joined us for last Monday’s Changemaker Chat with Meg Garlinghouse – Head of Social Impact for LinkedIn. Also, a hugethank you to Lumosity for hosting us in their lovely SF office, and to Fuddhismfor filling our bellies with delicious eats!

Check out the highlights of the Chat, and stay tuned for more info on upcoming Chats + new content from our CC Network Managers.

Upon first glance at Meg Garinghouse’s LinkedIn profile, you might assume that she meticulously plotted a career in social impact, but the real story is that her journey has been anything but linear.

This May we explored the theme of CHOICE, and over the course of our Chat with Meg, we learned how she has addressed transitions and choices in life: “I like framing things as choices, it implies you’re in control, and that means you can participate in your own rescue.”

With a mix of straight talk and humor, we left our chat with Meg feeling like we had been rescued. She provided frameworks for building careers with purpose and impact, and even suggested some powerful scripting for negotiating employment and pay.

Here are some highlights from our Chat with Meg:

  • Staying agile: In a world where the shelf life of skills is getting shorter and shorter, we need to be continuously learning. Meg’s time in the Peace Corps in Niger instilled a sense of resourcefulness and agility – two qualities she things we all need to grow and thrive in this new world of work.
  • Makings of a mentor: For Meg, mentors have been the people who always had her best interests in mind. They also believed strongly in her capabilities, even when she struggled to.
  • Dreams redefined: Meg chose to move on from what she thought would be a dream job the day she could no longer ignore the fact that she and the organization’s workplace culture did not fit. If you walk through your office after getting soaked in the rain and no one notices, it might be time to find another gig.
  • Smart time management: Meg was chock full of advice on managing time effectively. For example, block the first hour of each morning to read articles, listen to podcasts, and write in a journal and don’t check your email. Before bed, try writing three professional to-dos and three personal to-dos for the next day on a sticky note
  • Power of weak ties: Adam Grant’s “Originals” is part of Meg’s reading list right now. She’s a huge fan of his work, pointing out that our second and third degree connection, which can easily be viewed on LinkedIn, can be most helpful in our careers.
  • Paying it forward: Never underestimate the impact you can have on another person. We are constantly looking for that app or new feature that is going to create massive change on a large scale. Yet, some of the most meaningful social impact moments in Meg’s career have been when she helped an individual connect to an opportunity, and they went on to do extraordinary things. We all have the power to do this, and we should act on it every chance we get.

Thank you, Meg, for walking the talk and joining us for an evening of learning and great discussion!