Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes. – Maggie Smith

Over the past two months, Changemaker Chats has explored what VOICE means to leading ladies throughout the U.S. In addition to hearing these women’s stories, words of wisdom, and thoughts on current events, we asked each Changemaker how they define voice, and how each has used her voice to confront challenges in professional and personal realms.

A key takeaway from the chats: Be vocal. Whether it’s about your beliefs, boundaries, or contributions. Your voice is one of your most precious resources for creating change in the world– so use it thoughtfully and often.

Read on for more Changemaker musings.

Vctoria EspinelVictoria Espinal
President and CEO, BSA |The Software Alliance

Voice Your Boundaries
Set the boundaries that seem right to you – no one else will do it for you. These boundaries can change depending on the job in question, but ultimately it is up to us to choose our boundaries and then softly teach them to others. Read full recap


Carol Bowar

Carol Bowar
Executive Director, Girls Athletic Leadership Schools – Denver

Be Vocal on Sexism
I believe in interrupting sexism when it happens. Be able to name things when they aren’t right. That way you know why they make you feel the way you do. Language matters. Environment matters. We need to be responsive to gender stereotypes.  Read full recap


Tiffany ShlainTiffany Schlain
Emmy-nominated Filmmaker, Founder of the Webby Awards

Remember the Power of Women’s Voices
Our history shows that women were on equal footing with men in early societies. We used to be goddesses and we should remember that. Let’s take back the word ‘power’ and enable other women — and men — because this is a ‘we’ thing. Read full recap


Deborah GillisDeborah Gillis
President and CEO, Catalyst 

Your Voice is Your Contribution
Pick a job not based on pay or title, but on what you can learn and contribute. If you’re doing that, you’ll be noticed. Your voice is a way for you to contribute your perspective–it’s not healthy to be made quiet. Read full recap