We bring together women across the world for off-the-record conversations with female changemakers–women who have inspired us through their achievements.

We ask changemakers about lessons they have learned in their professional and personal journeys. Our focus is on creating an honest and open conversation about successes and failures, personal philosophies, and advise for future changemakers.


Women from top companies and organizations

17 cities and growing

Inclusive and supportive

Connecting and empowering future changemakers


“I’ve attended events in both San Francisco and NYC. Every time I walk out the door at the end of the night I feel as if the breeze greets me with a ‘Oh hey girl heyyy, you got this.’ Whether it’s a message from the speakers, workshop leaders or chat with a fellow changemaker, I have an expanded perspective post-chat and feel energized to chip away at my road ahead.“

“Changemaker Chats has inspired me to think about and discuss issues with friends in a refreshing way, to bring the intellectual curiosity and excitement of novel experiences as a lens for my professional life.”

“Meeting empowering women from all walks of life and hearing their stories gives me a push in my own life to continue life’s hustle and passionately own every minute of every day. After every chat, I get ignited with a new spark of inspiration to get out of a stagnant routine and not settle for comfort.”